Whether you want to test the waters and see whether ID is for you, build a professional portfolio, or embark on your own personal or professional interior design project; our courses are designed to give you the insight and experience you need to practice Interior Design in the real world. Are you looking to…?

Find your true calling?

  • Could ID be a good career option for you? Do you feel unsure about investing in a full Interior Design degree?

  • Do you need a professional portfolio but don’t know where to start? Do you want an internship in an interior design studio but need some training and experience to secure a position?

  • Our courses give people a taste of what Interior Design is like in the real world; giving you the skill-set and portfolio you need to take your steps into Interior Design as a profession - whether into an internship or an application for a full degree.

Succeed in your own project?

  • Have an interior design project that you’d like to get started on? Think you can do it yourself rather than hire someone?

  • Would like to grow in confidence, skills and technical capacity to succeed in your Interior Design project?

  • Our courses give you the philosophy, the technical skills and confidence in your own ability to be able to successfully create the spaces you’ve always dreamed of. Plus our Interior Design Master courses give you the opportunity to grow through your own project; with paid consultancy time from real world pros to support you along the way.

Develop a strategic business skills?

  • Do you think that learning about Interior Design will help your business grow and develop? Do you want to know how to style a house or business premises to bring more people in the door and spend more money?

  • Want to develop a core business skill to improve the potential of your portfolio?

  • Our courses offer you the opportunity to take your business to the next level by giving you the skills to improve the style and experience of your business, and remove the cost of outsourcing the design.

I want to make my house my oasis

“My home is an extension of me. It communicates my style and who I am. Particularly since COVID when we’ve spent so much more time confined in-doors, I want to make my house the oasis I know it can be. I just feel I need that bit of support to help me work out how to make best use of the space”

I need to know that investing in a degree is right for me

“College is a really big financial commitment and I need to know that I’m investing in something I genuinely want to do for the rest of my life and that I have earning potential in. The design fundamentals course was a great way for me to see what interior design is really like, test out my skills and check if I’m well suited to an interior design career before spending 4 years and $200k.”

My coffee shop needs a refresh to keep customers coming in the door.

“Our neighbourhood has changed over the last few years and alot of new, trendy places have opened up around us. We’ve had a slow but steady decline in the stream of customers we have through the door. I chose the Interior Design Master course with commercial specialism so that I could get 1-2-1 advice and practical support on my own project. The bonus for me is that it’s given me skills I can use in the future, but it’s also been amazing having experts give me their opinion on what could make my shop look great and really work with me to build a strong visual concept for my shop. At the end of it, I could really feel how much my design choices had matured”.

I want to switch careers to follow my passion.

“My job is great but it’s stressful and I just don’t have a passion for it. I’ve always wanted a more creative career, and designing my own house has really sparked by curiosity into what it would be like to do interior design professionally. I have a family and other commitments so I don’t have five years to give to re-training; and I’m sure with the right portfolio I could make the career change into interior design. I was looking for a course which gave me a comprehensive insight into interior design and would help me test out my skills in a practical environment. I really found a home with IDC - the support they gave me on each project really helped me to understand what it would be like to be an interior designer in the real world”

I could boost my profits with interior design training .

“I work in real estate and develop properties for sale. I end up spending a lot of money on hiring people in to re-think layouts or stage houses for sale. I have an eye for detail and think of this course as an investment in my business. I don’t need a degree, I needed a course I could do around my other work commitments that gave me the toolkit I need to reduce my outcosts and boost my profits by taking the interior design in-house”.

"IDC inspired me to become an interior designer"

Hortense, Interior Design Fundamentals Course with combined residential and commercial specialism.

Hortense was unsure whether interior design was right for her, and worried her drawing skills weren’t good enough to succeed in a creative career. With the support of her teachers, she grew in both skill and confidence and, by the end of the course had a portfolio of work that resulted in a paid internship. "The courses sparked something within me, it was like I was suddenly obsessed with design. Looking at and questioning all of the decisions other designers had made, and looking at the world in a different way. It inspired me to take the plunge into a new career and become an interior designer."

"My mentor ended up hiring me"

Nick. Interior Design Master Full Course with combined residential and commercial specialism and 2 live, supported projects.

Nick came into the course with years of experience as a graphic designer. His experience working on graphic design projects had led him to an interest in exploring behavioural and experiential design. He was keen to translate his design background into the core skills he needed to become an experiential designer - learning how to use Autocad and understanding the design decisions required of an interior designer. The development of his relationship with his mentor through the two personal projects he understood, cemented a solid working relationship - and when the opportunity arose his mentor jumped at the chance to hire him. "Despite coming from a graphic rather than spatial design background, Nick had the latent skills to excel in an interior design career. With the training and support he gained through the course he very quickly applied his previous experience to his new role. We’ve never regretted hiring him"

"I didn’t have many aims but I really enjoyed the course"

Angela, Interior Design Foundations Course

Angela retired a number of years ago and has spent her free-time picking up new skills and hobbies and engaging her brain in activities that give her pleasure. Having always been a collector of objects around the world, she wanted to create spaces in her house that took people on a story through her collections - giving the space and prominence that the objects hold in her own heart. "I didn’t have any particular aim with joining the course. I just thought I’d find it enjoyable and it would be a good way to spend my time. But in the end, I found that it connected a few of my passions together. My desire for things to look good, my love of travel and the objects I collect; and telling stories of my adventures to my friends"